For MFG Industries

Self-Developed CAD/CAE/CAM Core Technologies to
Facilitate Intelligent Manufacturing

MFG Challenges

On the way to digitalization and innovation, advanced information technologies are indispensable.
As the source of digital design and production, CAD/CAE/CAM software are key to innovating products and strengthening the core competence of manufacturers.

Develop Innovative Products
Advanced CAD/CAE/CAM technologies to develop and innovate products efficiently
Raise Design Efficiency
Stable and efficient software to satisfy diversified and complicated application needs
Standardize Various Designs
Product-centric, heritable design experience and reusable history data to exchange seamlessly
Lower Software Overheads
Lower cost and higher efficiency are key to manufacturers’ innovative development

ZWSOFT Solutions

Boost Innovative Development with Self-developed CAD/CAE/CAM Core Technologies

Fast, Powerful and Compatible 2D CAD
All-in-one 3D CAD/CAE/CAM with powerful hybrid modeling, structural simulation and 2-5 axis machining
Vertical Applications
Open APIs for industry-specific applications like mechanical and mold
Localized Service
Local R&D-level technical support and service


Reliable and Standardized
ZWSOFT solutions help you standardize the design process and relevant data, inherit design history and integrate with PLM data, to increase design and management efficiency.
Powerful and Efficient
With powerful 2D and 3D CAD/CAE/CAM and R&D strength, professional apps like mechanical and mold are supported for higher design and production efficiency and competitiveness.
Compatible and Stable
Being smooth and stable, ZWSOFT products satisfy multi-disciplinary, multi-scenario, complicated and long-time application. Its strong compatibility helps reuse and exchange data easily.
Localized and Guaranteed
Thanks to professional teams around the world, ZWSOFT provides local R&D-level technical support and service, like user training, function development, and software upgrade and implementation.

Customer Success Stories

ZWSOFT solutions are widely adopted by well-known manufacturers of automobiles, machinery, molds, railway locomotives, etc.

Deltamarin Poland
· No need to add workstations with the flexible licensing system
· A wealth of advanced tools speed up project delivery and simplify the workflow
· The technical support helps maximize project productivity
Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor
· For over 300 designers and manufacturers, switching demands no training at all
· The seamless integration of ZWCAD and the PLM system accelerates data exchange and collaboration
· Practical, easy-to-use, and highly compatible solution comes with professional, reliable, and timely technical support