ZW3D, an integrated CAD/CAM solution designed for the complete product development process, features the fastest kernel for Solid-surface Hybrid Modeling, non-solid mold parting and smart CNC Machining tactics from 2 axis to 5 axis. It brings customers endless benefits such as reduced costs, optimized design workflow and improved efficiency.

Product Planning

Make full use of existing drawings with
powerful data exchange

Product Design

Easy-to-use 3D CAD module greatly reduces
design time


Multiple methods to guarantee the quality of
your design

Sample Making

Enhance both your external and internal cooperation.

Mold Making

Manage your mold making projects flexibly


Improve your efficiency with intelligent 2-5 Axis machining

Product Planning

Data Import


Upgraded Import Engine for 3rd Party Formats

  • Supported version of the ACIS import is up to R25.
  • CATIA V5 supported version has been changed from R6~R23 (V5~6R2013) to R8~R24 (V5~6R2014).
  • New "Import Geom set as layer" option for CATIA V5 import.
  • Supported version of the Inventor import is up to 2015.
  • Supported version of NX import is up to NX 9.0.
  • Improved import quality on some special case.
  • Support version of Proe/Creo up to 2.0.
  • Support version of Solidworks up to 2014.
  • *Please be noticed that ZW3D 2015 for XP OS doesn't have this upgrade.

Prominent Healing Capacity


Upgraded "Heal/Analyze"

In the 2015 version, “Heal/Analyze” has been given improvements to boost its capability of analysis and healing aiming to help users to detect more topology errors and fix them. You can check the changes as following.

More topology errors to detect
  • Open edge – new option on form
  • Tiny edge
  • Spur edge - new option on form
  • Unclosed/degenerated edge
  • Edge with three or more faces
  • Sliver face - new option on form
  • Duplicate faces –new option on form
  • Loop intersection
  • Wrong loop hierarchies
More error types to heal
  • Open edge – new support
  • Unclosed/degenerated edge – new
  •  support
  • Tiny /Spur edge
  • Pre-edge of loop is tiny
  • Sliver/Duplicate faces
  • Pre-edge of loop is out of surface 
  •  parameter bound – new support
  • Gap between vertex and edge
  • Gap between edge and pre-edge
  • Gap between edge and pre-edge 
  •  end points
  • Gap in loop

Weldment Design

Frame structure usually works as the skeleton of a product housing or the some under structure. It consists of section bars with proper end treatments, and sometimes uses weld bead to connect each other.
Now, all these applications are provided by the new Weldment module.


  • Isometric view is a good and easy view to know about what the product looks like.
  • New "3D Measure" Support to true dimension in isometric view.

Product Design

ZW3D delivers an easy-to-use Ribbon interface and workflow, flexible–efficient 3D design capabilities, and a productive assembly performance. With well-defined sketches, detail parts and assemblies to 2D drawing, ZW3D takes designers from concept design all the way to finished products. Not only can you access quality tools to create smooth surface models and sheet metal parts, but you can also deal with point data or STL data with built-in reverse engineering. ZW3D gives you productive design with ease.

Convenient File Management


The ZW3D file provide a multi-object and single-object file to meet different requirements.

  • New File Types for One-object File.
  • New "Pack" to Archive a Z3 File and Its Related Files.
  • Improvements for Object Manager.
  • New "Auto File Recovery" to Restore Unsaved Changes.

Smart & Friendly Sketch


Most product design begins with two-dimensional sketches, which can drive feature geometry. All the tools to draw well-defined sketches are available. Additionally to conventional tools, you have various other useful tools to speed up sketch drawing.

  • "Ready Sketch Text" will not be converted to regular curves after its creation and can be redefined, like changing its characters, font or size.
  • Easier Curve Creation, Edit and Quality Inquiry.
  • A handle is provided on the pick point where a click happens on a CV curve, to help to drag to change the tangency, tangency magnitude and radius, or position.
  • "Power Trim" command offers a very easy and intuitive way to trim or delete entities.
  • To multiply an entity, "Copy" is a way to do. Now there is another new way - "Pattern".

Flexible & Efficient 3D Modeling


ZW3D is different to traditional 3D CAD software tools as it offers an unique product design experience, based on Solid & Surface Feature Hybrid Modeling technology. Combined with parametric modeling and Direct Edit, you can enjoy more efficient design.

  • Based on ZW3D’s unique Overdrive kernel, Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling allows Boolean operations between solid geometry and surface geometry, which makes design more flexible as solids are not required. 
  • Parametric modeling gives designers full control to easily edit feature geometry.
  • Direct Edit modeling offers more flexible tools to modify geometry quickly on native or imported models without history regeneration.
  • Provides flexible surface modeling tools to create smooth product models. 
  • Many powerful modeling tools deliver more design possibilities, and give designers a constant stream of innovation, such as: Morph , Wrap , and Emboss .

Productive Assembly Design


Easy-to-use assembly capabilities help designers manage assembly and check large assembly design in order to accelerate design process and improve productivity.

  • Easily deal with large assemblies, including Top-Down design and   Bottom-Up design.
  • Interference check and dynamic section tools provide clear, visualized interference results to help designers identify errors early.
  • With animation tools, designers can demonstrate the design’s basic operation as they would with a real life product. This can be saved as a *.AVI video.
  • Assembly history regeneration is independent of modeling history regeneration and offer more and better edit behavior.

2D Sheet


2D Sheet is directly linked with a 3D model, so updates to the 3D model can be automatically reflected in the 2D sheet. This saves design time and reduces human errors.

  • Automatically create 2D associative viewswith projection, sectioning and detailing.
  • Dimensions and Annotations include ANSI, ISO, DIN, JIS and GB standard, as well as support for custom.
  • Generate the Bill of Material, Hole & Electrode tables with auto-ballooning.
  • Easy to customize the Symbol, Hatch pattern and 2D sheet templates.

Additional Modules

Sheet Metal
Easy to create many different sheet metal features, such as: flange, lofted flange, dimple, and louver. It is also possible to fold or unfold solids or open geometry in ZW3D using the Solid & Surface Hybrid Modeling technology more tutorial.  
Reverse Engineering
With built-in reverse engineering, designers can use STL, points, and scan data to build surface or 3D models, as well as prepare models for CNC machining by refining meshes, building surfaces and repairing gaps. This could then be linked with a 3D printer to create a real model.
With the new weldment module, user can easily to create Structure Member, Gusset, End Cap, etc. It consists of section bars with proper end treatments, and sometimes uses weld bead to connect each other.


Any problems that occur in the machining stage will cause great losses, not only economically, but also losses in time. Verifying the structure reasonable, part manufacturability and product assembly before going into production is a very important part. With ZW3D’s flexible and visual verification tools you can detect 3D models during the design process to shorten the product development cycle, reduce development cost, save time and increase productivity.

Draft & Thickness Analysis


For a plastic product design, draft analysis and thickness analysis is very important to ensure that the product structure is reasonable and to determine a product’s mold-ability.

  • Draft angle or thickness information of any position is available by hovering the mouse over the model.
  • Positive draft, negative draft, and need draft will be displayed in different colors.
  • The thickness analysis result provides min and max thickness values.

Dynamic Section & Interference Check


During the assembly design process, the interference check feature and other auxiliary tools help designers verify that the parts and assembly will fit. 

  • Use the section feature to visually check the interference between shapes in one part or among components in an assembly.
  • The Interface check feature is used for checking the interference between the components or the assembly, and provides detailed results: number, volume and area of Interference regions.
  • The Drag tool helps designers to check if the components move as intended.

Animation Simulation


Use vivid animation to demonstrate many different kinds of operation of the design, such as: movement, disassembly and assembly. This video is a dynamic product presentation instead of the real product. 

  • Verify and simulate assembly movement based on the defined constraints.
  • Exploded view animation to simulate assembly or disassembly process.
  • Save the *.avi video for viewing by others.

Sample Making


  • Allows designers to apply any external texture map file to a part.
  • A variety of metal textures are available, such as Aluminum,Bronze, Gold, and Sliver.
  • Directly link With Keyshot without a Keyshot license, users can create more attractive rendering.

Data Export Rendering

  • Apart from its own file format, ZW3D can export other files like
  • Catia V4/5, STEP, STL, IGES, Parasolid, DWG, DXF, and SAT.
  • Export PDF of 3D vivid demonstration.
  • The component colors now can be exported into the 3D PDF file

along with the components. So does for the component name.

2D Sheet

  • Automatically create 2D associative views with projection, sectioning and detailing. 
  • Create assembly exploded views, detail views, configuration viewsand history state views.
  • Generate the Bill of Material, Hole & Electrode tables withauto-ballooning.
  • Easy to customize the 2D drawing templates and drawingstandards.

Mold Making


  • Users can split solids rapidly or open geometries without healing models.
  • Two splitting methods are available - by parting lines or region faces.
  • Automatically or manually create parting lines, inner holes and parting face.
  • Support multi-cavity design & multi-product design.

New Tolerant Modeling Support

ZW3D 2015 has upgraded in "Parting Faced", "Trim Mold Plate" and "Electrode" to use the local tolerance to make sure those issues fixed

Moldbases and Standard Parts

  • Many moldbases and standard parts are available to standardize techniques, reduce man-made mistakes, shorten production cycles, and increase mold design efficiency.
  • Provide numerous kinds of standard moldbases and standard parts from famous suppliers, including MISUMI,FUTABA, HASCO, DME and LKM.
  • Engineers can customize the standard parts according to the enterprise requirements.

More Entities Available for Point Picking for Library Commands


Now in 2015, besides those, edge, face and plane are available too, through which you can much easily locate the standard part.

Runner and Gate



  • With one single operation, you can create runners or gates fast and easily.
  • · Users can freely modify the parameters according to practical requirement.


  • Freely extract electrodes according to a model's features or face.
  • Define electrode blank size for multiple electrodes, park gaps and EDM setting information.
  • Create electrode sparking drawing.
  • New "Template" option to reuse the customized blank size.
  • New "R setback" option in Mark tab to add fillets to the corners of the blank.
  • Tweaked “Round blank dimension” option to include rounding up the thickness of the blank.
  • Tweaked "Round blank origin" option to include rounding up the Z dimension of the component origin.
  • New "Frame" Option in "Sparking Draw" to define which one work as the original point to locate the black on the work piece, the "Default" coordinate origin or the "Local" one, and even you can pick any point you like by "Custom" option.


  • Streamline communication through the fast creation of 2D layouts and detail drawings.
  • Automatically generate BOM tables and hole tables.


ZW3D CAM is comprehensive, intuitive software for programming CNC machines, offering 2-5 axis milling, turning, high-speed machining and drill strategies. Powered by the unique QuickMillTM technology, with automatic feature/region identification and a flexible tool path editor, engineers can generate highly reliable and easy-to-program tool-paths efficiently; bringing you unmatched productivity and reliability.

Easy to Learn and Use

A clear workflow with an intuitive UI enables you to start working quickly. Whether you are an experienced engineer or a complete novice, ZW3D CAM can be mastered with a short learning curve, while ease of use is reflected in the daily work, to improve efficiency.

Smart Hole-machining

Many different drill operations, such as Drilling, Boring, Pecking, Reaming and Tapping, as well as smart 2-5 axis hole tactics, help programmers to deal with any hole-making work.
  • Hole geometry includes arcs, circles and cylinders. Both 3D models and 2D wireframes can be identified.
  • The 2-5 axis hole tactic is able to automatically identify features of all holes on work pieces including size, depth and types, before generating reasonable tool-paths. This helps save programming time by up to 70% and significantly reduces errors.

Productive 2X Milling

ZW3D delivers the necessary tools for easy control over all aspect of 2D milling, including Spiral, Zigzag, Box, Contour, Profile, Chamfer, Helical as well as Top-face cutting.
  • 2X Milling tool-paths can be generated on 2D geometry,surfaces or features easily and flexibly.
  • 2X milling tactic can automatically identify the machining area and select proper tools and operations. Roughing and top face finishing can be done quickly in one step.

Efficient and Intelligent 3X Milling

A variety of 3X milling operations deliver efficient roughing, smoothing finishing and productive high speed machining to deal with all kinds of work easily.
  • Multiple surfaces, solid models and STL geometry can all be directly machined.
  • The unique QuickMillTM technology generates a smooth roughing tool path with uniform cutting loads and adjusts the feed rates automatically to lengthen tool life by 50%.
  • Region detection is improved; it is more stable and accurate to get desired tool path in Roughing.
  • The accuracy and sequence of cutting points have been improved, now the tiny cuts are removed and the whole tool path is smoother.
  • Min Rest Height has a new definition to detect rest materials by surface normal. In this way, it is easier to controls rest materials.
  • The cuts always keep the stable step to do 3D offset and Angle Limiting, which is more smooth and stable. The cuts in corners are more accurate, especially in sharp corners and with small step size.
  • The tool path is re-constructed. Now there are several basic elements including Cut, Lead out, Rapid up, Link, Rapid down, Plunge, Lead in, showed as follow.

Higher-value 5X Milling

The 5X milling module provides a complete solution for multi-axis machining. Multiple sides of a work piece can be machined in one set-up to achieve highly accurate cutting with reduced machining time.
  • Easily convert 3 axis tool paths into 5 axis tool paths.
  • Automatically interpolate the cutter vectors with Flow-cut strategy.
  • Intelligently generate the link movement between two 5 axis operations.
  • 5X Side cut supports calculation on STL file.
  • Support Undercut Based on STL in Zlevel and Lace.
  • New Zigzag Direction in Side Cut.


Turning provides outside and inside Roughing, Finishing, Grooving, Threading, Facing and Drilling to deal with most types of turned parts.
  • Wireframes, surfaces and solid features can all be recognized.
  • Easy-to-use and powerful capability for turning programming.
  • Support Tool Compensation of Finish Turn
  • Support Cycle Output of Rough Turn and Finish Turn
  • Support RAPID Feed output in Turning

Flexible Tool-path Editor

Tool-path editor tools enable users to easily and intuitively edit the entire or partial tool-path, greatly saving programming time without tedious adjustments of parameter settings and continuous re-calculation of tool paths.
  • Easily trim the partial tool-paths with window pick, chain select and polygon select.
  • Freely change the sequence and direction of the tool-paths with the reorder functions.
  • Quickly change lead in and lead out types of partial tool-paths in terms of manufacturing requests with the re-link tools.

Reliable Machining

Knowing the actual machining results is very important for programmers. ZW3D provides lots of options to ensure feasible and reliable machining, which gives you more confidence when machining.
  • The solid verify tool simulates the actual machining process and analyses the excess materials, leading to more reliable and more efficient machining.
  • The analysis function helps programmers to detect collisions and gouges between tools and stock, table, clamps etc.
  • The accurate calculation of the minimum tool hang length ensures the safety of your machining.

Post processer

ZW3D Post provides advanced post-processing capabilities for converting cutter location data (APT-CL) into machine specific code (GM code) required by CNC machines. ZW3D Post is integrated into all ZW3D machining bundles.
  • Supports all classes of 3-5 axis milling machines
  • CL file conversion
  • State-of-the-art technology using Windows GUI
  • Easy-to-use macro language
  • New Template and More information.