zwcad 2021

ZWCAD 2021


Capable and efficient tools for you to create amazing things.

Seamless Compatibility

Open, save and share your DWG/DXF drawings from other providers.

Familiar Interfaces

Switch between the familiar Classic and Ribbon interfaces easily.

Easy-to-use Commands

Get started immediately with the easy-to-use CAD commands and alias.


Dynamic Block

Tool Palettes

Settings Migration

Digital Signature

Data Extraction

Reference Manager

Design Center

Super Hatch

Layout Export

More Functions

2D Drafting

  • Auto-complete Command Input
  • Blocks
  • MLeaders
  • Layer Properties Manager
  • Attribute Blocks
  • MText
  • External Reference
  • Associative Dimension
  • PDF Underlay Manager
  • Zoom and Plan
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Revision Cloud
  • Cycle Selection

Advanced Tools

  • Lisp Debugger
  • Object Isolation
  • PDF and DWFx Underlay
  • Insert OLE Objects
  • Quick Calculator
  • Annotative Objects
  • Match Property
  • Block Attribute Manager
  • Revision Cloud

3D Features

  • Modeling
  • Viewing
  • Visualizing


  • Print with STB/CTB plot style
  • Print or publish in other formats

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